About Me

charityMost pretend to not understand what is the Charity.

I am not complicated I am not really difficult.
What I am is a very direct person who has no filter 🙂
I will tell you what I am thinking sometimes even if you are  not sure you want to know. Other times it will be a battle because I never can stand to hurt anything or anyone, its why I rescue animals and friends. I adopt out of love and am blessed to have an extended family worldwide of people who really are my dear sweetest friends.

I love all things retro and enjoy stupid silly stuff like dumpster diving in my chuckies with my two dogs. I save everything throw away nothing and recycle randomly but with purpose. I craft to lift my spirit have a creative outlet and even try to be just a little cooler than normal. I fail at this but you know, its something I pretend I have great success and awe inspiring talent with.

I also pretenf to be a top secret spy and super  model. You will hear me reference this and all my future ex-husbands often. Both flop miserably. But you know all you negative nancies STFU its my rich fantasy life!

I love coffee cookies home decor candles and the way the NobleBarn(es) smells on any given Monday. My local library sucks balls so I hang there. I am also a huge flirty silly thang with no malice to my meandering but just good old fashion southern girl charm. Laugh and be flattered I think your cute enough to compliment. It is about as far as I will go. Maybe.

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